So MasterChef is going best with the upcoming contestants and here are the Finale Voting Details, cast your vote to make your loving contestant win this season as their is tough competition among all the contestants right now. Today voting lines for MasterChef India remains open and you can vote for your favourite contestant. You have to vote with a call an automatic computer shall pick up your call and ask you to cast your vote for MasterChef India.

Obviously the MasterChef India gots popular now and the best is going is Nikita and Neha as per know, audience is loving her entry in the show with daily new dishes every week and training to make the new dishes, the show has finally reached its extreme location and its time to vote for your favourite contestant in the show. There are total 3 contestants in the final round who will chase it for the MasterChef title.

Bhakti, Neha and Nikita are total 3 finalist contestant and people had voted for them by calling the below given numbers, Voting is toll-free and may get open again. Voting was closed on 4 PM of 12th of April.

MasterChef India Season 4 Finale Voting Lines

The winner will be declared on the basis of public votes casted for each of the contestant. Contestant who gets maximum votes from calling helpline will be the final winner of MasterChef India Season 4. Their voting details are out now. Voting can be done by just giving a missed call on the number generated to each contestant.

Sanjeev Kapoor, Ranveer Barar and Vikas Khanna shall be the main judge of this contestant and result shall be announced with taking the vote of every judge in consideration. Drishti, Harman, Neha ,Nikita, Pratibha, Vijay ,Karishma ,Vinita ,Priyanka ,Bhakti ,Meenu and Ashish were the main contestants

Bhakti Nikita and Neha are the favourite contestants who are fighting for MasterChef title in the finals.

MasterChef India Expected results

According to the data collected by reviews on Social Media its clear that people from different origins of the world has voted for Nikita, Bhakti can also score the second position in MasterChef India Season 4 Grand Finale but actual results are awaited and they can be reverse also.

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